Maleta de cartón Feldherr para 2 bandejas
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Maleta de cartón Feldherr para 2 bandejas

Ref: KAFS11501


Para almacenar dos bandejas "Full Size" de 55mm. de altura ca una como máximo.

This handy lightweight storage box can keep your models clear and dust-proof. The box fits 11.5 cm (115 mm) full-size foam. All half-size and full-size foams (pick and pluck, with cut-outs or individual slot-foam plates) fit perfectly. The box KAFS115 is made ​​of lighter material, comparing to our Storage Box M) and is intended as a storage and storage solution. The inside dimension of the box is 345 mm x 275 mm x 115 mm. The outside dimension is only slightly larger. Material box: Cardboard Material Handle: Plastic We recommend you to order a couple more identical, so that you always have a small supply of this versatile storage boxes at hand! Our Hobby Transporter fits 5 of these storage boxes Agotado

3,45 Eur.